What’s in a Favor? 3 Steps to Pick Your Chocolate

by Jennifer Golemba

When it’s chocolate, it’s got to be good. And if it’s beautiful chocolate, it’s got to be talked about. So, what can you do to glam up chocolate? Here are a few ideas from the Chocolate Chisel:

1. Choose your flavor. We have dozens of truffle flavors–you know them well, I’m sure. But John is always looking for creative outlets, so if “Pina-Colada” or “Marshmallows and Cookies” are more your taste, go ahead, throw us a curve ball. And since all employees like to share their opinion in the taste-test departement, we’ll make sure it tastes fantastic!

2.  Choose your design and color. When you walk into the store, the first thing to grab your attention is our beautiful display case of truffles in all different shapes and sizes. Which shape strikes your fancy? Is it the romantic Raspberry Heart? Or the elegant, striking simplicity of the Port Wine Cone? Or do you prefer the new varied artistry of Chunky Dave? Whichever your fancy, make a striking statement with a design that fits your occasion and colors to match the flowers.

3.  Choose your presentation. Forget the little squares of mesh wrapped with in a ribbon. You’ll love working with Elizabeth to create a beautiful little box of chocolate that’s just as stunning as you are. From simple boxes that highlight the chocolate beauties, to cashes that hide your sweet little delights until opened, the possibilities are nearly endless.

So, what’s in a favor? Here’s hoping for a beautiful box of truffle goodness…the rest is just cake.

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