Cinco de Mayo Does Chocolate?

By Jennifer Golemba

You may think that a Mexican celebration and Chocolate have nothing to do with one another. Ah ha! You’d be wrong! Why, it was the Aztecs that first found and ate chocolate, afterall.  Although the Aztecs usually had their chocolate with spices that we haven’t often associated with chocolate, those flavors are making a very belated comeback through Mexican Hot Chocolate often served in coffeehouses or chocolate like our very own Chipotle Truffles. These flavors are being welcomed as we gain the satisfaction of our chocolate craving while keeping our taste buds guessing.

In honor of this holiday, here is a great Mexican meal that will be sure to impress any Mexican connoisseur.  Try these recipes on the holiday or keep them on hand to be your summer Mexican delight!

Mexican Hot Cocoa – Top it off with a dash of cinnamon and ground red pepper for a symphony in your mouth. Great on a cool day or over ice on a hot day!

Chocolate Mole – “There’s nothing I like better than a big batch of mole, the famed Mexican sauce, spiked with chiles, spices, and a hint of bitter chocolate.”

The easy cheaters desserts:

1.  Buy a churro or two (Costco has some pretty awesome ones in their snack bar for $1 each), cut into bite-sized pieces then dip in warmed Hershey’s syrup.

2.  Bake up your favorite brownie recipe adding 1 Tbsp Cinnamon to the batter. Dust the top with cocoa powder, powdered sugar or more cinnamon. BAM! Mexican “Flourless” Chocolate Cake.

Need some more ideas? Try here

Not so chocolatey Mexican ideas

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