Three Chocolatey Summer Book Club Reads

1.)  Dying for Chocolate by Diane Mott Davidson, featuring a murder mystery who dunnit, with a caterer as the protagonist, and lots of delicious chocolate recipes laced throughout the chapters. She’s also written 14 other chocolate mysteries.

2.)  The Chocolate Cupid Killings by JoAnna Carl, A chocoholic murder mystery filled with tasty Chocolate trivia while the murders are being solved.

3.)  Like Water for Chocolate was a novel written in 1989 by Laura Esquivel and is still considered a classic read today. This passionate Mexican Novel has a recipe with every chapter. I reread it every few years, enjoying it each time as the first.

What’s your favorite chocolate read?

Paraphrasing one of our Facebook fans:

“I loved reading Agatha Christie novels while eating our dark chocolate-dipped English toffee squares, dubbed Agatha Christies.”

Sounds like a delicious way to read. I am going to have to try it myself!

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