Traveling Chocolate

By Jennifer Golemba

Social Marketing Manager

I recently returned from a trip to Puerto Rico. Traveling via airplane in today’s security-hyped culture brings all sorts of cringes and stories. I loathed having to stuff all my toiletries into a quart-sized baggie as for the first time, I didn’t check my luggage. My sister recently held up security lines in St. Paul’s airport waiting for a pat down after she refused to remove her precious Green Bay Packer Super Bowl Champ sweatshirt. But while reading Chloe Doutre-Roussel’s book The Chocolate Connoisseur, I gained a new respect for the lengths we’ll go through to keep what we love:

“On one occasion I remember waiting for my mother in the arrivals hall at Mexico’s international airport as she returned from a trip to Europe, her suitcase laden with precious Nutella. We watched as a customs officer interrogated her – and became gradually more horrified as we saw my mother spread Nutella over her face. When she reached us, we greeted her with admonishments for wasting precious milligrams of our favourite food. ‘But it was the only way I could get it through customs,’ she explained. ‘The officer said I couldn’t bring a food product into the country. I had to pretend it was a beauty mask for my face!'”

So, what stories to you have? What have you done to protect your chocolate? What loopholes have you found to get around the rules? What kind of images are bringing that smile to your face? Is it just the thought of chocolate…or is it the mischief it insued?

One comment on “Traveling Chocolate

  1. Kathy says:

    Very nice, by the way “What does your mother use to have such lovely skin? Why it’s just Nutrella!!! I love that.!!!

    My chocolate story is simple. With my first pregnancy I craved chocolate…I would go with my mom to a candy factory in Wisconsin I think and buy broken bits of chocolate covered mints for $2.00 per pound. Of course, I purchased alot of bags not knowing when my next trip would be. So I would take them home and start eating them from morning till evening, whenever the need demanded I take action.
    Well I felt so guilty putting them in the kitchen refrigerator I took them downstairs and put them in the extra freezer. I felt I got my daily exercise that way. One night my husband and I were enjoying a movie and I (slowly) got out off the couch what felt like 10 times, and went downstairs, got the chocolate (nicely frozen) the way I like ithem and came back upstairs. Finally, my husband said “what are you doing” mumbling with my mouth full of the fresh chocolately minty morsels, nothing just nothing. To this day I believe I gave my son pure chocolatey mint flavored mothers milk. He always had a smile on his face.

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